Exposition de Juin à Septembre 2022 Amsterdam Whitney Gallery à Manhattan

Alessandra Haldi Piano

“If I were called upon to define briefly the word Art, I should call it the reproduction of what the senses perceive in nature, seen through the veil of the soul,” stated Paul Cezanne. Expressing an inner world, Italian-Swiss artist, Alessandra Haldi Piano’s elegantly soulful and evocative abstract paintings of nature offer a unique and distinctive modern vision which reflects the motion of inner forces. Aligning her expressionist abstract oeuvre with this sensibility, Ms. Haldi offers a visceral parallax vision of the world which radiates powerful energy, intermingling the psyche of the organic terrain. Replete with emotive expression, her mesmerizing and sensitive non-objective compositions mirror an alluring mystique combined with an air of the mystery and wonderment of the environment.

Organically encapsulating divergent visions of the natural world, Alessandra Haldi Piano invites us to spiritually commune with the terrestrial and the extraterrestrial realm. Creating a gentle aura of awe, Alessandra Haldi Piano’s lyrical abstract oeuvre results in an intense and sensuous experience with the natural terrain. As she searches for nature beyond the reality of our senses, she captures the fleeting effect of natural phenomena, and seduces the viewer to contemplate a myriad of emotions regarding their relationship with the natural terrain. In our digital, technological universe, where changes are occurring at lightning speed, Ms. Haldi shifts the visual dialogue inward by asking the viewer to put away their techno devices; to slow down and take the time to view the world around them, and think about their emotional relationship with nature.

Highlighted by a high level of painterly sophistication, her non-objective oeuvre virtuosically applies paint onto the canvas resulting in a nuanced texture of tones. Cascades of paint create dazzling surfaces and it is this visual dynamism that rushes through the picture plane, saturating the audience with an exuberant burst of ethereal hues. Multivalent color planes interweave, juxtapose and collide into analogous forms, all the while ascending the two-dimensional space through topographical layers of richly applied brushwork. Essential to the impact of these images is the exhilarating expressivity of color as a visceral chromatic drama permeates her compositions. Alluringly captivating one’s senses, she employs a carefully selected subdued color palette to challenge the viewer’s imagination and emotions.

Elegant and sophisticated, there is a gorgeous spontaneity contained in her compositions, offering a beautiful understanding of the world. Each composition creates a narrative in and of itself that is open for interpretation. By transcribing a syntax of lines, colors, shapes, and rhythms, she entices our senses and stimulates our curiosity. Emotionally charged, the subtle tonal transitions intermingled with an evanescent play of warm hues against cool tones, provide astonishing richness and depth to the shadows and vibrant luminosity. A melodic and chromatic use of softly hued tones imbued with the fluidity and energy of her technique, enable her to underscore the effects of luminescent light.

Internationally recognized for her artistic achievement, Alessandra Haldi Piano’s masterful paintings have catapulted her to national and international recognition to become one of the most celebrated artists of Europe. Brilliantly translating onto canvas with a syncopated beat the magnificence of nature, award-winning painter Alessandra Haldi Piano has participated in a lifetime of immersion in the arts, culminating in an outstanding body of work. Currently residing in Switzerland, Alessandra Haldi Piano has been honored to participate in prestigious exhibitions in Switzerland, Italy, France and the U.S.The presence of her works in prestigious collections across the world is affirmation of her continually expanding reputation.

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery Manhattan

Alessandra Haldi Piano née le 18.06.1972 en Italie.
Artiste Italo-Suisse, établie à Genève depuis 1978, résident actuellement en Haute-Savoie depuis 2010.
Peintre depuis 1991.

Peinture à l’huile pendant environ 15 ans.
Plusieurs expositions en Suisse, en France et en Espagne (Ibiza).

Début de plusieurs support utilisés, peinture acrylique, béton, colle, bois, etc.

Expérimente la résine et le sable sur de grandes toiles, ainsi que des œuvres en béton, devenant de plus en plus grandes.

Œuvres 2022

Œuvre 2022

Sable, pigments naturels colorés, résine, peinture
1m x 1m

Œuvres 2020-2021

Œuvre 2020-2021



Octobre 2020

Septembre 2020

Juillet 2020

Mars 2020

Couverture de livre​
Oeuvre en béton empreintes de châtaigner

Oeuvre en béton empreintes de châtaigner

Œuvres 2019

Créations 2019
Sable résine
Peinture sable résine 100cm x 150cm

Œuvres 2018

Créations 2018

Sable, peinture, pigments et résine 100cm x 150cm

Sable de Genève 60cm x 150cm

Vue rapprochée

Sable d’Ibiza peinture et résine 1m80 x 1m20

Sable pigments résine 140cm x 60cm
Sable, pigments, peinture et résine 60cm x 160cm

Sable de Genève et peinture

Sable, peinture et résine

Vue rapprochée

Sable et peinture 60cm x 150cm

Sable, béton, peinture et résine 60cm x 120cm